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» Employability


Jobs, workplaces, Job Centre, job search and at work 12 sessions = 12 hours

I can…

Speaking and listening:

  • say what I like and don’t like
  • understand information about jobs
  • ask for and give information about work
  • talk about your skills and job skills
  • understand some phrases for job searching
  • phone to ask for an application form
  • spell my name and give my address on the phone
  • introduce myself in formal setting
  • ask for help and speak to people at the job centre and at work
  • tell others about my job search
  • listen and understand information in a job interview
  • answer simple job interview questions
  • say hello and goodbye to work colleagues
  • have a conversation with work colleagues


  • correctly spell words for jobs and workplaces
  • read and understand simple job adverts
  • read and complete a simple job application form


Key vocabulary – jobs and workplace (chef, packer, kitchen, factory, full-time, temporary); times; verbs and verb phrases describing job actions (clean, work with money); vocabulary related to the Job Centre and job searching (CV, job advert, look online, universal job match);

Structures – ‘I like/ don’t like …’; present simple 1st and 2nd person for daily routines (‘I start work at …’); ‘How much’; ‘I can/ I am good at + …ing; ‘I was a … for … …’; ‘I need (help with) …’; ‘Would you like a drink?’; ‘Have you got …’; ‘I’m going …ing’; ‘I’ve got a/an …’; ‘I want to be a/an …’
Functions – saying what like/ don’t like; describing job skills; asking for information; reading job adverts; filling in application forms; describing previous jobs; asking for help; greeting and leave taking with colleagues; offering and accepting; discussing free time with colleagues; asking for permission; describing future plans
As this lesson covers a wide range of language, both recycled from previous topics and newly introduced, it is advised that you use this topic near the end of the course. If you have a shared language, this lesson provides an ideal opportunity to talk to learners about where they can get advice about applying for jobs and their employment rights in their own language.
The final two session revise language from previous English My Way employability sessions so we recommend you use it only if you have already completed sessions A to J. In the final session, we recommend that a job advisor, who preferably speaks the learners’ language, attends the session. If this is not possible, arrange for volunteer interpreters.




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