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» Things I want to do

Things I want to do

Enrolling on a course, finding local information, times, dates 6 sessions = 6 hours

I can...

Speaking & Listening:

  • maintain a short spoken transaction
  • read, understand and say time in 12 and 24-hour clock
  • understand and say days of the week
  • understand simple 'wh-..?' questions
  • understand and respond to requests for information
  • ask for information
  • say things I like and dislike


  • read and write my name and address
  • read, understand and say time in 12 and 24-hour clock
  • with support, read and complete a simple form with personal details
  • read and understand simple information posters/ leaflets
  • write something about myself


Key vocabulary - verbs (gerund form) associated with likes and dislikes (e.g. cook, sew, walk, watch, go, play, etc.), places for activities for education and leisure (e.g. community centre, leisure centre, adult learning centre, etc.), months of the year, numbers for dates, times (12 and 24-hour clock)

Structures - 'I like + ing', 'I don't like + ing', Basic 'wh-..? questions - what time, which, when

Functions - requesting information, responding to (written and spoken) requests for information


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