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» Me and my child’s school

Me and my child’s school

Talking to teachers, helping at school, forms, important information, homework, etc. 6 sessions = 6 hours

I can...

Speaking & Listening:

  • meet people and introduce myself
  • make simple statements of fact about me and my family
  • maintain a short spoken transaction
  • understand numbers for (1st - 31st)
  • understand and say months of the year


  • recognise and form letters
  • differentiate letters (e.g. between y & g, w & v, a & d)
  • recognise upper and lower case letters
  • use apostrophes to contract
  • read and write my name and address
  • write on lined paper (on a straight line and in a straight line)
  • with support, read and complete a simple form with personal details
  • read and understand simple information posters/ leaflets
  • know that full stops show the end of a sentence


Key vocabulary - school-based vocabulary (e.g. homework, teacher, parents, children, playground, school, trip, etc.), months of the year, numbers for dates

Structures - 'Hi, I'm ______, 'I'm ______'s Dad', 'I want (some) ____', 'I don't understand ____'

Functions - meeting people, introducing yourself


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