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» Technology in our lives

Technology in our lives

The Internet/ computers/ laptops/ tablets 8 sessions = 8 hours

I can...

Speaking & Listening:

  • understand simple 'wh-..?' questions
  • ask for something
  • understand and respond to requests for information
  • follow basic instructions
  • ask for assistance
  • check understanding


  • understand simple 'wh-..?' questions
  • recognise and use a search engine page with support


Key vocabulary - basic computing vocabulary (i.e. screen, mouse, keyboard, desktop, cursor, etc.), keys (i.e. caps lock, shift, etc.), verbs for computing (i.e. press, click, drag, move, cut and paste, copy, delete, bold), website address, e-mail words (send, receive, etc.)

Structures - 'How do I ___?', 'What does ___ mean?', 'Can you ___', 'I need ___'

Functions - asking for assistance, asking what something means


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