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» Accessing (local) services

Accessing (local) services

Simple forms, e.g. at the library 6 sessions = 6 hours

I can...

Speaking & Listening:

  • ask for something
  • understand and respond to requests for information
  • follow basic instructions
  • ask for assistance


  • read and write my name and address
  • with support, read and complete a simple form with personal details
  • Read and understand simple information posters/ leaflets
  • recognise and use a search engine page with support


Key vocabulary - key vocabulary connected to local services (e.g. library, job centre plus, doctor's, dentist's, children's centre, health centre, post office, appropriate to local context), verbs/ phrasal verbs for basic commands (go, ask, find, look at, speak, etc.), form instruction words - circle, tick, sign/signature, block caps, etc.

Structures - imperative for commands/ instructions

Functions - making/ responding to requests (I'd like, Can I have, I want), asking for clarification


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