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Out and about

Greetings, ‘small talk’, e.g. weather, transport, directions 6 sessions = 6 hours

I can...

Speaking & Listening:

  • greet people
  • understand contractions mean the same as non-contractions
  • maintain a short spoken transaction
  • read, understand and say time in 12 and 24-hour clock
  • understand and say days of the week
  • talk about the weather
  • understand simple 'wh-..?' questions


  • recognise upper and lower case letters
  • use apostrophes to contract
  • read, understand and say time in 12 (and 24-hour clock)
  • read and write days of the week


Key vocabulary - times of the day 12 (and 24-hour clock if students can manage this), am / pm, days of the week, transport vocabulary (i.e. bus, train, metro, tube, underground), transport verbs (i.e. leave, arrive)

Structures - basic 'wh-..? questions - what time, which, when

Functions - greetings and taking leave, asking for information, understanding information


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