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All about me

Greetings, 'small talk', e.g. weather, transport, directions 7 sessions = 7 hours

I can...

Speaking & Listening:

  • meet people and introduce myself
  • understand contractions mean the same as non-contractions
  • make simple statements of fact about me and my family
  • maintain a short spoken transaction


  • recognise and form letters
  • differentiate letters (e.g. between y & g, w & v, a & d)
  • recognise upper and lower case letters
  • read and write my name and address
  • use apostrophes to contract
  • write on lined paper (on a straight line and in a straight line)


Key vocabulary - key verbs (e.g. have, do), vocabulary connected to where I live (e.g. town, street)

Structures - present simple 1st person, contractions

Functions - basic introductions, clarifying


The activities and accompanying resources provided in the Topic Pack below can be used flexibly with English My Way learners in any order you feel appropriate. The lettering is for reference only; you do not need to plan from activity a to f (although you may do this if you wish but disperse the vocabulary activities from resource f throughout the sessions). Learners should be able to demonstrate all skills for all activities except those marked optional.

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