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There are 11 topics to choose from (click the buttons below to see each one).

Each topic has content to cover around 6 - 8 hours of learning. The topics are designed to be delivered over 2 weeks if learners attend 4 hours worth of sessions a week, but you can deliver them at any pace that suits you - for example, over 1 week if learners attend 8 hours a week.

You will probably only have time to do 9 of these topics, so you can choose to leave out a topic that is not relevant for your group, for example ‘Me and my child’s school’ may not be relevant if you do not have parents / carers in your group.

After completing all of the Getting started section with the learners, you will then need to complete the topics All about me and Daily life which needs to be done in that order. After that, you can choose which order to do the topics in. In Getting started, there is a task to help your learners choose the topics they would like to do so this should give you an idea of what topics to start with. Make sure you read and follow the Teacher Notes when planning your classes.

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