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Short assessments

2 sessions = 2 hours (8 assessments)

English My Way Summative assessments

The purpose of these assessments is to provide evidence for the learner and teacher of the learning achieved across during the English My Way programme.

The assessments activities are similar to those found in the topics as the aim is to check:

  1. whether learners have retained what they learnt
  2. how well they are able to reproduce what they learnt after time.

For this reason, we are testing learners only on what they have covered in English My Way.

Higher and lower level learners

There are suggestions for assessing:

  1. those whose starting point was very low e.g. those who had never learnt to read or write and
  2. those who have made more progress.

However, if your learners either started at a level higher than pre-entry / complete beginner or have made significant progress, use more appropriate resources to assess them. For example, ask learners to write more extensively to assess their writing or give them more text to read from the same or similar topics.

Assessment is equally, if not more important, for your learners so make sure learners can see how much better they are now compared to the beginning of the course e.g. show the envelopes learners wrote during All about me and compare to what they produce during All about me summative assessment.

Summative assessment teacher notes are provided for the ten topics and the accompanying resources are labelled nextsteps_summative_ 01_ to nextsteps_summative_28_.

Each summative assessment lasts approximately 15 minutes each – select 8 of the topics learners have done. The total assessment time should take approximately 2 hours i.e. 4 summative assessment = 1 hour session.

Use the Summative Assessment criteria in the box near the beginning of the session plan to assess your learners doing the tasks or mark their work after they finish. Record the results of the assessments on nextsteps_summative_group_summary and nextsteps_summative_learner_record.

Summative assessment for Employability is in Session K of the topic.

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