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Next steps

Download the English My Way certificate template

Next steps is divided into two parts over 7 sessions

Short assessments

  • These sessions contain summative (end of course) assessments for the whole of the English My Way programme i.e. ‘What I’ve learnt’.
  • They should be delivered over 2 sessions.
  • There are assessments for 10 programme topics which are intended to last 15 minutes each.
  • Select 8 of these from the topics your learners have covered.
  • Use the group (nextsteps_summative_group_summary) and individual (nextsteps_summative_learner_record) records to compare learners’ progress against getting_started_diagnostic_class_summary and getting_started_diagnostic_learner_booklet from the diagnostic topic, Getting started.
  • Instead of doing all the summative assessments together, do them either
    1. during the course, but a few weeks after finishing the topic to see how much learners have retained or
    2. interspersed with the Extra learning sessions from Next steps.

Extra learning

  • These sessions celebrate learners’ achievements and prepare learners for future learning.
  • In ‘Planning a party’ and ‘Invitations’ sessions, learners will plan an end-of-course party and create invites.
  • At the party, get your centre manager (or a local VIP such as an MP) to present learners with a certificate (see template below).
  • ‘Local courses’ and ‘Application for a course’ sessions focus on progression: learners find out about and apply for further ESOL courses in the local area.
  • If you do not already know about what is available in your area, research this.
  • For ‘Local courses’ session, bring in a visitor to speak to your learners about possible ESOL courses.
  • ‘Party’ session has a selection of language learning games you could use during the party.
  • If you choose to play more ‘fun’ games during the party, e.g. musical chairs, rather than language games, use the games suggested in ‘Party’ session at another time, for example, before or after the assessment sessions.

Add your learners' names and your centre logo to this certificate .

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