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Learning circles

Designed by the BBC, a Learning Circle is a session that happens outside of the main English My Way Programme.

Learning Circles are a chance for you to take the role of group leader and help your family and friends learn English.This section has loads of useful materials and resources that will help you to run sessions for yourself. There are videos, storyboards, handouts and other materials for you to choose from. They will take your group through the everyday English they need to survive in the UK. Whatever your background, you’ll find these materials useful for running your own session with friends and family.

If you need a bit of extra guidance, you can use the Trainer’s Guide, which will tell you how to run a Learning Circle and twelve fun sessions. With each one, you can learn new words with flashcards, watch and discuss videos about everyday life, discuss how to solve problems, learn some useful everyday phrases and play some games to practise what you have learnt. Have a great time!

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