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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivering the English My Way programme

Q - How long is the English My Way programme?

A - As a guide, English My Way should be delivered over 24 weeks. Depending on how many hours per week a centre chooses to teach, this may take more or less time.

Q - How many hours does the programme take in total?

A - The time for each topic is listed on each topic page under Teaching Materials. As  a guide, it may take around 96 hours to complete the courses and additional group based learning.

Q - How many hours can you teach per day?

A - The timetable for the programme is up to the centre. It is suggested that the 96 hour programme is delivered over 24 weeks (4 hours per week) but there is flexibility to deliver over a shorter or longer time frame providing centres have capacity to meet their targets before 31st March 2019.

Q - Can the English My Way programme be extended to accommodate half term/child care?

A - Yes. It is the responsibility of the centres to produce a timetable which meets the needs of their learners. The only caveat is that all learners complete the programme before the 31st March 2019.

Q - Can we use our own centre registration forms to collect learner data rather than the learner questionnaire?

A - The Learner Questionnaire has been provided by DCLG and has specific data they require for each learner that enrols on English My Way.  Good Things Foundation are required to provide a monthly report on this data - which they will generate from the English My Way site. Centres can use their own registration forms providing it includes ALL questions on the Learner Questionnaire.  Data from these forms will need to be entered into the Learner Questionnaire section of the English My Way site to ensure the monthly reports can be generated.

Q - Is a portfolio of work required for each learner to evidence achievement?

A - No.  Achievement will be evidenced by the learner checklist on the English My Way site.  

However, if it is standard practice within your centre to keep a portfolio of work, this would be encouraged to benefit the centre and the learner.

Q - The learners we are hoping to work with are very reluctant to engage with us because of their culture.  How can we reach them?

A - It always pays to be aware of how your centre is positioned in relation to the communities around it.  If there is a particular group in the community who you are hoping to work with, do they know about your centre and your provision?  Would they feel comfortable coming in for help? If the answer to those questions is no then it’s important to understand how you raise awareness of your centre and provide an environment which makes your learner feel at ease.  Working in partnership with local organisations is another good way of engaging learners, for example holding open days at local temples, mosques and churches can help learners get to know you in an environment where they feel safe.  For more top tips on how to engage learners and develop partnerships, read our Community ESOL Handbook.

Funding Requirements and Management Information

Q - What is the delivery period for this project?

A - The project will be delivered from 1 April 2018 - 31 March 2019

Q - Can delivery run beyond March 2019?

A - All targets should be delivered by 31st March 2019.  Should there be any issues with these time frames, please contact

Centres can continue to deliver English My Way beyond March 2019, however these learners will not be counted towards the project targets.

Q - What are my targets?

A - Targets are dependant on your contract size which will have been detailed in your email notification.

Contract Size




Learner registrations    




Learner completions





Q - How and where are Learner Registrations captured?

A - Learner registration and completion data is captured via the learner management section of the website, using the data centres enter onto the system about their learners.  This data will be used to inform our performance management process.

Q - What counts as a registration?

A - All learners must have completed questions 1-18 on the Learner Questionnaire to class as a full registration.

Q - What counts as a completion’?

A - For a learner to class as completion, they must complete their Learner Questionnaire along with all of Getting Started, 9 out of 11 Topics and all of the Next Steps  

Q - How do we demonstrate learners have progressed onto an Entry Level 1 ESOL class?

A - All centres are required to complete a quarterly survey (link to be provided by Good Things Foundation).  Progression will be addressed via the survey.

Q - If one of my learners has already done the course, can they do it again and if yes, can this count towards my targets?

Providing a learner meets the eligibility criteria detailed below, and is deemed suitable for the course - as per the English My Way Initial Assessment - then they can take part in the programme but they won't count towards targets.

Q - We have some learners that registered on the programme before being allocated funding, would they count towards my targets?

A - No, only learners that registered on English My Way in the funding period will be counted towards your targets.

Q - I have a FDI contract, can English My Way learners be added to CaptureIT and can they count towards my FDI targets?

A - If you are able to demonstrate that your English My Way learner has achieved 4 of the 8 Basic Online Skills required in CaptureIT, then yes, they can be added to Capture IT and counted towards your FDI target.  


Q - What is the eligibility criteria for English My Way?

A -

Learner data fields  Contract requirements
Gender A minimum of 90% of learners must be women
Age 100% of learners must be 19 years of age or older
Time in UK 100% of learners must have been living in the UK for over 12 months
Employment status 100% of learners must be unemployed/underemployed  
English language 100% of learners must have English language skills below Entry Level 1

Q - Do I need to carry out an initial assessment with my learners?

Before registering learners on the programme, centre staff should ensure that all learners have completed the Initial Assessment on the English My Way website to check that their reading, speaking, listening and writing skills are below Entry Level 1.  

The initial assessment is designed to determine whether the English My Way programme is suitable.  The programme is intended for very low-level learners who have little or no proficiency in English and who have little or no familiarity with Roman script.

Learners who score above 50% in the initial assessment should be steered towards an Entry Level ESOL programme rather than English My Way.

Q - Who is the target audience for English My Way?

A - MHCLG have asked that their funding reaches those most in need.  Key characteristics of the target learners include:

  • those with lowest levels of spoken English

  • those isolated due to their lack of English

  • those who are permanently resident in the UK

  • Ideally, women who speak one of the following languages: Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, Somali and Bengali.


Q - Where will the online learning element of the course take place?

A - The online section of the course will take place on

Q - Is all learning online i.e do learners always need access to a computer or laptop?

A - English My Way is a blended learning programme. Although there are some online elements, much of the programme will be delivered offline through volunteer and tutor-led sessions.

Q - Are you flexible to let tutors adapt, develop or use their own resources to address various needs of learners?

A - Yes. Many of the resources have been designed so that centres can 'localise' them and make them relevant to their learners. The English My Way syllabus and content has been designed and developed by ESOL experts specifically for pre entry-level learners so we do expect - in the main - that it will be fit for purpose.

Q - Who do I contact to order Learning Circle packs?

A - Please request Learning Circle packs from

Q - What training is available for tutors and volunteers?

Good Things Foundation have identified and developed a series of training opportunities and information sheets to help centre staff facilitate English My Way courses, all of which are available via the help & training section on

Face to Face training can be provided where demand exists.  Please contact for more information.  The English My Way team will also be offering centres the opportunity to apply for training grants which can be used to develop their staff through accredited ESOL qualifications.

Q - How can we reduce the amount of printing?

A - There are various approaches you can take to reduce the amount of printing required.  You could laminate some resources (handy as you can also draw on them with whiteboard markers and wipe clean), put them into a powerpoint presentation and project them, or load them onto a tablet for your learners to look at on their own or in small groups.

Q - I’ve noticed that one of the resources isn’t working, what should I do?

A - Tell us!  If you notice any bugs, mistakes or other problems with the content and resources on the website then send an email to and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.


Q - If centres already have a Online Centres account, do they need to set up a new one specifically for English My Way?

A - No. Centres can use their existing centre code when registering on English My Way.

Q - I'm not a Online Centre but I'd still like to teach the course. What should I do?

A - You can still access the resources.  On registering you will be asked for your online centre code, simply leave this field blank and complete all other registration fields.  

Q - Does each tutor have their own login?

A - Yes.  Providing each tutor uses the same centre code when registering with English My Way, they will be able to see details for all learners and classes attached to that centre.

Marketing Support

Q - Are there any marketing materials available to help me promote English My Way and engage learners onto the programme?

A - Engagement leaflets are available in 6 languages Bengali, Arabic, Somali, Urdu, Punjabi and English in the 'Help & Training' section of the English My Way site to download and print.

Centres will be provided with up to 500 leaflets in any of the 6 languages available as well as 2 - 5 learning circles packs. Centres will be invited to place their order by the end of August 2018. You can place your order on this form.

Further Assistance

Q - I'm a funded centre and I need help, who should I contact?

A - Please contact or 0114 349 1658.  Good Things Foundation’s funding network team will help you with your query or refer you to your regional hub if your question is specifically about delivery of the programme. They can also arrange for an ESOL specialist to visit your centre to offer some support.

Q - I'm running the course on an unfunded basis and still need help, who should I contact?

A - Please contact or if your query is urgent call 0114 349 1658.

Q - There's a technical problem with the website. Who should I tell?

A - Please contact or call 0114 349 1658 immediately if you notice a problem with the site. It's likely that you will be asked what web browser and operating system you are using, as this really helps us figure out why problems might occur with the website. If you don't know, then visit to find out. If you email us about the problem it is also very helpful if you can include a screenshot of the issue occurring.

Q - Can tablets be used as well as laptops and PCs?

A - Yes.

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