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Getting started

It is essential that you get to know your learners and their strengths and weaknesses at the beginning of the course so Getting started combines assessment of learners’ English with the very first steps of learning English. You'll find 12 hours of English teaching, learning and assessment resources and at least 3 hours of online activities and resources to assess learners’ ICT skills.

The aims of the Getting started section are to:

  • introduce and induct learners to English My Way
  • assess learners' skill levels and areas for improvement
  • teach learners the first steps of English
  • help the group to get to know each other and become comfortable with each other.

Read detailed notes and instructions about how to teach Getting started and carry out the Getting started assessments before you start planning:

getting_started_diagnostic_teacher_booklet. You will also need to read the relevant session plans as well.

Record your learners’ individual language strengths and weaknesses at different skills here: getting_started_diagnostic_learner_booklet.

Record group results to use as a reference point when checking learners' progress throughout the course here: getting_started_diagnostic_class_summary.

The learning resources have been separated into 3 units: 1- Getting to know each other; 2- Contact Details and 3- Course co-creation. Each unit is designed to cover approximately 1 week of learning but can be completed at a pace that suits your learners.

The ICT sessions can be covered as part of Getting started or at a later stage if there is no access to ICT or you feel learners will be intimidated by doing the assessments at an early stage of the course: in this case, try to integrate the assessments at gradual stages throughout the first few weeks as they will help learners when it comes to doing the online learning activities.

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