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» What is English My Way?

What is English My Way?

English My Way is a programme designed specifically for people living in the UK, whose English language abilities are below Entry Level 1 of the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum.

English My Way is designed to create learning communities where everyone is equal and has valuable experience to contribute.

Learning activities are embedded in the context of everyday topics, such as shopping and using local services. Activities such as personalisation, participatory ESOL and language experience have been included so that, through learning, learners will develop confidence to take part in community-based activities and social tasks such as talking to shop assistants and going to their local library.

It is very important to become familiar with the teacher notes before delivering each lesson as they explain how to use the resources (if there are any) in detail as well as giving hints and tips on techniques you could try. For more detail on the approach and techniques, please see the English My Way syllabus and the Teachers handbook. (You’ll need to Register as a tutor to access these resources).

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English My Way Topics

There are 10 topics to choose from. Each topic has enough content to cover 8 hours of learning (typically this would be delivered over 2 weeks, but you can split it up however you like, for example you can deliver over one week if learners are attending a course for 8 hours a week rather than 4 hours).


You will probably only have time to do 9 of these topics so you can choose to leave out any topics that aren’t relevant for your group (for example, ‘Me and my child’s school’ may not be relevant if you do not have parents or carers in your group).

The following topics need to be done in this order:

  • • Getting started (the introduction and diagnostic sessions
  • • All about me
  • • Daily life

After that, you can choose in which order to complete the topics. In Getting started, there is a task to help your learners choose the topics they would like to do.

Click here for a summary of the English My Way syllabus

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